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ACUSON-cardio CV70

acuson cv70


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  • he powerful, all digital core technology of the CV70 system is built on a combination of: technology migration from other ACUSON ultrasound systems, MultiBeam Image Formation, multihertz and the Acuson integrated DIMAQ architecture.
  • - The all-digital architecture preserves the signal integrity of all ultrasound information throughout the entire signal path from transducer to display.
  • - MultiBeam Image Formation allows high frame rate imaging, for optimal color flow and motion visualization
  • - Precision MotionCapture utilizes the full spectrum of signal information which allows the accurate display of cardiac structures for analysis
  • - DIMAQ integrated workstation acquires, captures, and stores digital dynamic clips and static images without interrupting the exam workflow. This technology is the gateway to advanced features
  • Physical Characteristics
  • ▣ System Height: 142.2 cm (56.0 inch)
  • ▣ Width: 51.0 cm (20.1 inch)
  • ▣ Depth: 79.8 cm (31.4 inch)
  • ▣ Weight: 130 kg (286 pounds) without OEM's
  • User Interface
  • ▣ User-centric control panel with homebase layout
  • ▣ Windows based operating principles and on-screen icons to activate most frequently used functions
  • ▣ Adjustable control panel back-lit illumination
  • ▣ Intuitive active stage lighting
  • ▣ Digital Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) provides easy and immediate access to secondary imaging controls
  • ▣ Wrist support to help reduce operator repetitive stress disorders
  • ▣ Retractable alphanumeric keyboard with overhead illumination for standard text, function keys and system programming
  • ▣ Up to 32 user-definable QuickSet user programmable system parameters programs for individual transducer/application settings. QuickSets combine all preferred imaging mode parameters, annotation text and measurements into one user preset
  • ▣ Configurable two-pedal foot switch
  • Monitor
  • ▣ Multi-Sync, 15-inch, high resolution, progressive scan (non-interlaced)
  • ▣ 800 x 600 pixel display matrix with a recordable image area of 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA)
  • Hard Drive
  • ▣ Internal 40 GB Hard Drive for patient database management
  • ▣ Allows storage of patient studies that include images, dynamic clips, reports and measurements
  • ▣ Image storage capacity up to 42,000 images; color or black/white, or storage of approximately 6,300 dynamic clips
  • CD-RW Drive
  • ▣ Removable 650 MB read/write CD-R
  • Audio Speakers
  • Transducer Ports
  • ▣ Two universal transducer ports that support Phased Array, Curved-Linear Array and Linear Array
  • Transducer Storage
  • ▣ Six configurable transducer holders support all transducer designs and provide gel bottle storage
  • ▣ Ergonomic cable management and secure cable management during exams and transport
  • Operating/Display Modes
  • 2D imaging in fundamental and harmonic modes
  • ▣ Tissue and color M-mode
  • ▣ SieScape panoramic imaging
  • ▣ Axius edge-assisted Ejection Fraction (option)*
  • ▣ Color Doppler Velocity mode
  • ▣ Power Doppler mode (Vascular only)
  • ▣ Directional Power Doppler mode (Vascular only)
  • ▣ Spectral Doppler Tissue Imaging
  • ▣ PW Pulsed Wave spectral Doppler mode
  • ▣ CW Continuous Wave spectral Doppler mode (Aux Pencil style and phased array steerable)
  • ▣ Duplex mode
  • ▣ Triplex mode (Vascular only)
  • ▣ ECG trace in all modes
  • ▣ Flexible combination of imaging modes in side-by-side Dual and Dual Select in real-time, and digital cine replay
  • ▣ Selectable split screen display formats in 2D/color with M mode and/or spectral Doppler mode: top-bottom or side by-side in real-time and digital cine replay
  • 2D Calipers Generic Measurements and Calculations
  • Multiple cursor sets on frozen and cine playback images